Dentistry Impossible: Can Even The Most Damaged Smiles Be Transformed?

impossible-dental-cases-nycIf you’ve had dental problems all your life, you know how hopeless it can seem. You may have seen one dentist after another, but beyond simple palliative care, they haven’t been able to do much for you. You may have given up hope of ever finding relief.

Is your case really impossible?

The Most Difficult Dental Cases

Some individuals breeze through life with perfect teeth and dental problems ranging from few to none. These people, however, are in the minority. Nearly everyone will require dental care eventually.

Many dental problems arise through no fault of the patient. Some individuals have a genetic predisposition to disorders of the teeth and gums. Others suffer tooth and jaw damage as the result of an accident.

Often, however, dental experts can trace the most complicated cases to one of two common reasons: misdiagnosis and inadequate dental care. A previous dentist might have applied an incorrect therapy or failed to catch an underlying problem. In other cases, finances or phobias may have caused the patient to avoid all dental visits.

Whatever the initial reason, such people frequently end up suffering from:

– Plaque buildup.
– Gum disease.
– Abscesses.
– Cracked, decayed or broken teeth.
– Malocclusions.
– Temporomandibular joint disorders.

Any of these conditions can eventuate in tooth loss, and when they do, the problems will only multiply. The neighbors of a missing tooth will invariably attempt to fill in the gap. This shift in position throws the bite out of balance, resulting in stresses that lead to lost fillings, fractured molars, bone loss, periodontal disease and TMJ. Such situations often appear difficult or even impossible to rectify, and the patient can soon lose heart.

Will it Take a Miracle?

Rather than see such cases as hopeless, a competent dentist views them as a challenge. The best will find a way to resolve such problems and end the patient’s suffering.

In truth, no two cases are alike. For some patients, a simple bite adjustment will do the trick. Others may require a full restoration. This is where a competent dentist calls in the troops. Like a talented quarterback, he will coordinate with other specialists as necessary to obtain the best in care to suit the patient’s specific needs.

Although your situation may seem hopeless now, there are always ways to improve it. With the help of a dedicated, knowledgeable and competent cosmetic dentist, just about anything is possible in terms of your smile and oral health.

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