Are Low-Cost Dental Crowns Right For You?

cheap dental crowns nycIf the appearance, strength and/or functionality of your teeth have been compromised due to decay, an injury, discoloration or other problems and you have a tight budget, it’s natural to assume that dentures are the only viable option. However, low cost dental crowns in Manhattan, which can be just as effective or even more effective, are more affordable than you think. Before replacing your damaged teeth with dentures, it’s well worth it to consider crowns. While they’re not righnt for everyone, they are often a very effective way to restore the strength, size and appearance of teeth, and low-cost options are available.

What are Dental Crowns?

Put simply, a dental crown is a type of “cap” that is placed over an existing tooth. Unlike veneers, which are typically affixed over the visible portion of a tooth to restore its appearance, dental crowns actually encase the entire tooth down to the gum line. They’re also thicker than veneers, so they improve the strength and durability of the teeth while protecting them. For these and other reasons, crowns are excellent options for a variety of dental woes, and their benefits aren’t only limited to aesthetic improvements.

Dental crowns can be made out of a variety of materials. Temporary crowns are typically made out of stainless steel. For out-of-sight teeth, like molars, all-metal crowns are sometimes used. However, the vast majority of modern dental crowns are made out of porcelain. They’re not a one-size-fits-all solution, either. Rather, dental crowns are custom-designed to suit the needs of the patient. Your dentist will make impressions of your teeth and send the information to a lab, where porcelain will be formed to create a crown that closely matches the appearance of your other teeth. As a result, dental crowns look natural. Because they’re permanently bonded to the underlying teeth, they feel natural too.

How are Dental Crowns Put in Place?

Like many people, you may be a bit nervous about having dental crowns put in place. The procedure is actually quite simple and typically consists of two or three appointments. During your initial consultation, the dentist will confirm that crowns are the right option. Either at that time or at a subsequent appointment, impressions will be made of your teeth. This information is then sent to the lab, but some prosthodontists, like Dr. Steven Kauftheil, custom-design crowns on-site. When the crown is ready, a light-sensitive resin is applied between the tooth and the crown and is then cured, or hardened, using a special light.

Are Dental Crowns Right for You?

Dental crowns are often viable and surprisingly affordable alternatives to dentures, but the only way to find out for sure is by scheduling an appointment with a talented and experienced cosmetic dentist. Dr. Steven Kauftheil studied prosthodontics at UCLA and is highly skilled at custom-designing crowns that look and feel incredibly natural. High-quality dental crowns are often cost-effective solutions, and they could very well be right for you. The first step to restoring the appearance, functionality and strength of your teeth is to make an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Kauftheil. In no time, your teeth will look and feel absolutely incredible.

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